Special Interest

With eight vets we have within the practice developed special interests and we are dedicated to continued professional development.

All the vets regularly attend courses to constantly advance their skills and knowledge to provide our clients and their pets with a service they deserve.


We have advanced diagnostic imaging equipment and a dedicated operating theatre and amongst our interests are:

  • Diagnostic imaging :  we use ultrasound extensively within the practice
  • Minimally invasive surgery :   we do more key hole spays than any other practice in the county
  • Cruciate surgery : we offer the advanced tibial tuberosity advancement procedure  and have performed in excess of 50 of these.We  also offer a full orthopaedic service and have access to referral for MRI examinations for spinal cases.
  • Acupuncture :   we offer a full pain management  assessment and control
  • Soft tissue surgical procedures :   we offer  entropian surgery, laryngeal tieback surgery(upper airway surgery) ,perineal hernia surgery, general abdominal surgery including tumour removals.
  • Endoscopies   :  gastroscopies and colonoscopies. Transurethral cystoscopies(bitches) .Laparoscopies.We have the latest Karl Storz endoscopes including 5mm straight scope,30 degree 2.5mm scope, arthroscope, and a 1.1metre 11mm flexible scope for gastroenterology.

We are proud we work well as a team and each vets individual special interests compliment the others.

We are assisted by our professional veterinary nurses .The nurses also have special interests that compliment the practice.

  • Puppy and kitten behaviour and socialisation
  • Obedience training
  • Rehabilitation post operatively
  • Dietary advice

At Martin and Carr we are determined to offer a professional compassionate service to keep your pets feeling their best.

If we’ve not met why not come and see for yourself. We welcome enquiries and we are happy to give prospective clients a tour of our facilities.

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