Puppy Parties

Socialising your puppy is a very important and the earlier they can start to experience all aspects of life the better. If a dog is not properly socialised it may not learn what is appropriate behaviour when face with new people, dogs or situations. this is why we are now inviting new puppies to attend our parties.

The parties are run for two consecutive weeks for an hour each time. During the party the puppies will be able to meet, and play with other puppies and people in a safe environment . There will also be time to discuss all aspects of having a puppy, from house training to nutrition with the nurses. At the end of the second party the puppies will be awarded with a certificate of attendance and a goody bag that includes “Good Puppy Guide” written by Erica Peachey.

It is hoped that by attending the parties the puppies will start to become a little more confident while learning about the big wide world, and all the new things they will come across. We also hope that they and their owners will enjoy visiting our surgery. Visits do not only have to be when something is wrong we actively encourage social visits, it may be for a weight check, to collect wormers or to just say “hi”!

If you have a young puppy, or are thinking of getting one soon, and would like more information attending our parties then please ring and speak to one of our nurses.

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