“Martin and Carr provide their own clients with a 24 hour 365 days per year emergency service based in the Pershore clinic and manned by their own vets”

  • Your animal being seen by a regular full time veterinary surgeon who is familiar with the area and practice.
  • The vet oncall will be familiar with any relevant history from the daytime if the animal has been hospitalised during the day.
  • The vet will have full access to any past medical/surgical history from computer records.
  • Not having to travel large distances to a different practice in a different area.
  • Not having to move ill or injured patients to be looked after in a different practice overnight.
  • Access to the same high quality equipment and facilities that you would expect during normal opening hours.

In the event of an emergency phone: 01386 553631, have a pen ready and listen carefully to the message given. You will need to take down the mobile phone number of the vet on call.